Activate Online your investigation

Dogma is the first investigative Agency to develop a digital platform that allows you to activate an investigation online, in a simple and reserved way, giving the clients the chance to act from any place they are.

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just a device with a camera and our operator accompanies you in all stages of activation.

Safe and Confidential

The exchange of information takes place in compliance of the highest standards of security.

Total control

You can give the investigative Assignment Agreement in real time wherever you are.


Just connect to the chat on this page

The procedure is activated through the chat available on this page where with our operator you will be supported during all the data acquisition and verification process.

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We verify your identify

Our operator will explain real-time all the steps and await with you the positive results.

Immediate feedback

The procedure is approved real time with no need of other steps by users.


If unexpected events arise you will be able to resume the procedure thanks to the code arrived via email.


Interact with
the Video Chat

Eliminate the issues that can emerge from fixed appointments and close the contracts rapidly by emulating in the Web the experience that you would have in person with us.

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On smartphone

It is possible to activate the service through any smartphone or tablet equipped with camera.

On desktop or laptop

The procedure can be activated on any desktop or laptop equipped with webcam.

On tablet

The service can be activated on any device that can shot pictures and videos.


Fill the forms and send the documents

During the procedure our operator will accompany you and clarify any doubt related to their compilation, explaining in each step what documents you need to provide.

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Forms compilation

During the Procedure you will be given the forms to fill with the appropriate indications.

ID document

Any document released by the public administration with picture.

OTP Codes via SMS and email

The recognition happens through instant pictures and validation of OTP (One Time Password).


Affix your own
a Digital Signature

Through the execution of codified forms that certify your signature with legal value, in order to validate contracts, forms and approve the investigation agreement.

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Advanced Digital Signature

By sending one or more OTP codes that must be entered in the appropriate fields.

Qualified Digital Signature

The validation process takes place in real time through the video identity recognition process.

Certified procedure

All the steps of our remote investigation commencement procedure are AgID certified.


remotely activated

Practically all investigations can be activated remotely, it takes just a few minutes to provide us with the authorization to solve doubts on your loved ones, your colleagues or the future partners of your business.

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Investigations for Privates

Investigation aimed at finding information requested by private individuals in the context of family matters or property.

Investigations for Companies

Investigation aimed at solving critical issues in relation to the protection of tangible and intangible assets, among others.

Investigations for Legal Firms

They range from forensic investigations to bankruptcy investigations to support the judge or bankruptcy trustee.


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investigation now

Click on the button below even for just receiving further information or clarifications on the services and on the activation methods, we are at you disposal.

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Ask for information

We guarantee the utmost confidentiality and the highest discretion to all of our clients.

How much do the services cost

Each investigation has some specific costs, ask for information to our operator on what the best way to proceed is.

If you’d like to know more

We are an enterprise that has been present for more than 15 years with various offices in the area and capable of carrying out worldwide investigations.